Our Breeding Program

Since 2004, we are thoroughly preparing for our goal to breed and raise Labrador Retrievers.

We gathered a lot of theoretical knowledge about dogs in general and especially about Labrador Retrievers, such as knowledge about genetics, breeding lines, and raising puppies, but also about breed specific activities. On the other hand we achieved a lot of practical tips and hints from very experienced breeders.

What’s most important to us though is that we made valuable experiences with our own dogs. We have raised them, worked with them, visited shows – in short we know what we are talking about from our own experience with all highs and lows. All of our five dogs are family members, and we expect our puppies to be treated the same way by our puppy buyers.

We carefully plan the matings of our dogs. We will thoroughly take care of our puppies. They will develop close relationships to human beings, experience every-day-life, and will be well socialized before leaving for their new homes. We will stimulate and further them according to their age. We will do our best to create all conditions for a basis for a healthy and happy dog life. Needless to say, our puppies will all be wormed several times, vaccinated and chipped, regularly checked by the vet and established by a German Labrador Club breed warden.

Of course, we will always be there to support our puppy buyers. By the same token, we expect from our puppy buyers to participate in a temperament test organized by the German Labrador Club (LCD) or German Retriever Club (DRC), have their puppies’ hips and elbows x-rayed and rated at the age of twelve months, and their eyes checked at least once in their life time. It is important to us to know the health results of all of our matings in order to see if we achieved our breeding goals and to potentially adjust them in the future.

Breeding Goals

The Labs we are living with are all out of old English show lines. This is the type of dog that we want to breed. We love those strong heads, so full of expression, and their friendly and calm disposition. On top of their handsome appearance the typical working abilities and their strong ‘will to please’ are still present.

Our breeding will be based on the Sandylands, Poolstead, and Rocheby lines. Those are the breeding lines on which our present labs are based, those labs that we enjoy every day of our lives.