The Parents


Album Hündin Freaky Like Me:

Album Hündin Fire and Ice:

Album Rüde Fast and Furious:



Lovely Secrets Can´t Buy Me Love "Blue" Jugendsieger Stuttgart 2010 Watermaniac's All Stars Archibald SH CH Brockburrow Cassanova in Linjor JW SHCH Linjor Valentino JW
Eneleon Amethyst
D. CH VDH & LCD Vive Hermés! of Hanging Rock Lux Jgd CH Silronray's Van The Man
VDH Europasieger '05 CH Dolphingham Dicitincellovouie
Linjor Raindrop (GB Import) AM CH Linjor XFactor JW ShCM Rocheby Old Smokey
SH CH Siskin De La Vigne Nieuil JW SHCM
Linjor Yanni SH CH Tabatha's Chivalry over Linjor
Ginny's Golden Girl of Linjor
Lovely Secrets Beautiful Hummingbird "Polly" CH Dolphingham Dreamweaver INT CH, IT CH Martinstide Roll The Dice Greenworth Odds Against
Martinstide Chantilly Lace
Dolphingham Danskabanka CH Mambrino´s Triumph
CH Dolphingham Doubel Ooohh
Snoopys Gang Pop Star IT SH CH Dolphingham DeeDeeTee 2002 RCI Top Junior Labrador It.Prd.Ch. Poolstead Part And Parcel
Lenches Gypsy
Multi Ch. Richbourne Fly The Flag International Working Certificate SH CH Tullochmohr Final Edition J.W
Richourne Time Flies J.W.



Lovely Secrets Fast and Furious (Boy) - Rufname: Junior

Lovely Secrets Freaky like me (Girl) - Rufname: Emmi

Lovely Secrets Fire and Ice (Girl) - Rufname: Bella